About us

We believe the greatest challenges can be solved through moonshots.

Moonshots help us to unite the people, technology, and resources to solve society’s most urgent challenges through innovation, leadership, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Moonshots require complex partnerships with complementary skills to innovate and scale impact.

Our mission is to change the way we build tomorrow’s ventures by combining corporate scalability with entrepreneurial execution.

Our journey


Aimforthemoon was founded by Niek Karsmakers and Jesse van der Meulen early 2013. At that time, looking at entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, they experienced that so often, resources, energy and talent were wasted by doing things inefficiently.

Right now

Aimforthemoon has grown into a corporate-startup studio working with 200+ corporate partners and 500+ passionate and entrepreneurial pioneers who know that to create is to collaborate.


In 2030 we have launched 1.000 moonshots globally.

Our joint ambition is to grow a global organisation that takes the lead in solving the world’s greatest challenges by uniting powerful organisations, entrepreneurs and capital in realising moonshots.


Want to know more?

Get in touch with Niek Karsmakers Co-Founder of Aimforthemoon