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Branding first or branding last, that is the question.

When launching a new venture in an upcoming market, our advice would always be to start with the brand. Be on point. Make sure you practice what you preach and that you have the brand positioning to attest to that.

So when Mighael from Hita turned to us for helping him launch his business, we dug deep into the essence of Hita.

launching a new brand in an upcoming market


the start

Hita is a spin-out from Baas B.V., our client that is innovating its way into becoming a smart infrastructure leader

One of these domains is the infrastructure around public heat networks. Their consultancy efforts in this area will spin-out as an independent service, with their own company name and branding.

What was already there?

  • 3 enthusiastic entrepreneurs who know everything about public heat networks
  • a name for the brand: Hita, which is Icelandic for Heat
  • a brand look & feel, logo & colors

What was the desired outcome? To launch the company’s brand and website; minimal effort for maximum result.

the plan

We decided to tackle this in an agile manner, using 4 milestones to push us forward

  1. Create a brand framework for Hita, by using the Brand Values games to determine what brand values our consultants would hold dear the most and by defining the different customer persona’s for their service. Since we are talking about a public heat network, this means a public-private cooperation between several different stakeholders. Different stakeholders equals different persona’s!
  2. Create a value proposition for Hita. What are the pains, gains and jobs to do of our persona’s and what will these stakeholders get when they hire Hita?
  3. Create an easy-to-use website for Hita, where the customers can easily feel Hita’s brand values and get a sense of the added value they offer.
  4. Last but not least, create a lead generation approach to attract the right people to the website.

the team

Aim handled this assignment with 3 different disciplines: A strategic marketer, a writer and a webdesigner.

  • the marketer pushed the project into the right direction and helped create a leadgen approach. New ideas were bounced off each other fairly quickly, creating a strong first concept for go-live
  • the writer created the brand framework (pitch) and the copy for the website. The input from the Hita team itself proved incredibly valuable to be able to create something on-point from scratch
  • the designer used an off-the-shelf template and redesigned it slightly to create something unique for Hita. 

the result

In 8 weeks time, the Aim team spent 120 hours on the 4 different milestones.

The first page of the website can be found here. It’s now up to the founders of Hita to fill the website further.

If you’re interested in what this type of brand pitch looks like or how to create a winning leadgen funnel for your company, feel free to reach out to us!


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