Case Study

9 min.

Gone are the days
of business-as-usual.

The start

“I had been climbing Pon’s corporate ladder for 9 years, but I felt a growing need to create my own venture. I discussed this with my mentor. Soon after that he calls: “We have a project that needs an intrapreneur. Are you interested?” I didn’t have to think twice and joined the project.” 
Rutger Bosch


The Team

Before kick-starting any innovation journey, it’s essential to have a strong team in place.

A problem worth solving

“Many times, I told Rutger to ‘trust the Aim process’, which he did. In the first phases he relied on me, Bas, Leonard and his manager at Pon’s innovation lab. I’ve seen his grow tremendously. Now, he has the tools and mindset of an entrepreneur.”
Jeroen van de Ven


Based on the interviews, the team identified a valid customer problem: A need for more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at company parking stations in The Netherlands.

Next, the team set out to define how to turn that problem into a value proposition.

How will Revolt generate revenue?

“The first 12 months of the project were a big learning experience. At times I felt very uncomfortable. The whole way of working is very different from what I was used to. A corporation is focused on making long-term plans, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk… A startup is the complete opposite. Since you don’t know where you’re going yet, and you don’t know what will work yet, you need to take risks in order to potentially strike gold.”
Rutger Bosch — Co-founder Revolt

Building the product and go-to-market

“After 9 months, we knew we were onto something. Many of the big market players wanted to talk to us. To us! We had 7 charging stations, while some of them had 8.000. The fact that they were worried added proof to the potential of our value proposition.”
Rutger Bosch

Getting board-level support

How to organize for growth


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