Case Study

3 min.

Under the supervision of Aimforthemoon, Klasmann-Deilmann created the Klasmann-Deilmann crop information system ‘Log & Solve’ 

Klasmann-Deilmann (KD) is a business group in the international substrate-industry and is active on every continent. KD believes that digitalisation and data-driven cultivation control is increasingly more important. KD first wanted to add a digital revenue model to its services, so they could better help farmers and growers. From 2018 to 2020, Aimforthemoon coached KD with the development of Log & Solve. 

Log & Solve is a digital platform for growers and farmers to record farming data in one central place and to monitor the produce. Farmers and growers have better oversight over their crops, and they can increase the efficiency of their production. Over 130 Dutch and Belgian farmers are now using the platform. 

Log & Solve supports farmers with their crop management with analytical and sensor data. It orders all the crop information, that then is automatically combined, evaluated and graphically displayed. This way, the undesired developments in their crops can be tracked and prevented much faster. 

Keywords: agri-food, digital platform

Latest update: August 2022

“”Wij krijgen heel gemakkelijk veel gegevens bij elkaar in een overzichtelijk dashboard””


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