Case Study

3 min.

Russian supermarket VKUSVILL partnered with Aimforthemoon for the launch of their first West-European branches.

VKUSVILL is a Russian Supermarket-chain with over 1,300 locations. For a succesfull launch of their international expansion, VKUSVILL collaborated with Aimforthemoon. Between 2019 and 2021 Aimforthemoon coached VKUSVILL with their launch in the Netherlands. For locations were opened. 

VKUSVILL ended their Dutch acticitives in 2022. 

VKUSVILL’s starting point is to have a small store with a limited selection with products as locally as possible. The customer als has a say in the selection; in the VKUSVILL-app products can be reviewed with a maximum of five stars and when a product has an average of less than four stars, the product is removed from the selection. 

The Dutch team, under the guidance of Aimforthemoon, has adapted the VKUSVILL-concept through a number of experiments based on the demand of the urban Dutch consumer. 

Keywords: food, FMCG

Latest update: August 2022


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