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Client challenges

How can we create new ventures for The Netherlands’ leading mail and parcel deliverer in the food and health care domain?

How can we position our company as an innovative market leader and launch new ventures that accelerate society’s transition to a sustainable future?

How can we create an outside-in innovation capability for a 200-year old international building materials supplier?

How can we -as a leading comparison website- start serving new customer types faster?

How can we create an innovation capability for one of The Netherlands’ largest pension provider?

How can we improve customer satisfaction in the period between booking and check-in to lower the cancellation rate?

How can we create new business models for a custodian bank in an ever-changing world?

How can we develop a scalable marketplace for services?

How can we develop a business model to stay relevant for the next generation?

How can we create an innovation function within the Amsterdam police division?

How can we create new business models that leverage the assets of an international industrial wholesaler?

How can we recruit specific profiles for the internal innovation department of Rabobank, the second-largest bank in the Netherlands?


Michiel, Entrepreneur

“Even our management team  did not expect that we would be able to develop so many new applications in addition to the scope of the assignment.”

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