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Helping construction and logistics leaders develop emerging technologies, stay ahead of disruptive forces, and weather the unpredictable circumstances we find ourselves in.

The only constant factor in running a construction or logistics business is disruption. Mounting challenges include pandemic-induced supply chain volatility, long lead times and shortage of raw materials, as well as rising material costs and digital skills gaps.

At the same time, new technologies are emerging that allow newcomers to challenge the market position and business models of many leaders across industries. Whether it’s technology that increases resilience, brings agility or more predictability to their business, we help construction and logistics leaders create future-proof business models by harnessing these emerging technology trends and tapping into disruption.


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Client challenges

How can we create new ventures for The Netherlands’ leading mail and parcel deliverer in the food and health care domain?

How can we create an outside-in innovation capability for a 200-year old international building materials supplier?



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