Energy & Mobility

Helping forward-thinking energy and mobility leaders build business models that thrive in tomorrow’s disrupted and sustainable energy future.

The world’s energy system is in flux. Driven by the climate crisis and compounded by a shortage of raw materials, dependence on finite resources, and the uncertain nature of energy markets, sustainability has become a necessity for business.

At the same time, new technologies like AI, digital twins, IoT, big data, alternative energy sources and electrification have brought forward-thinking leaders new opportunities to shape the future. However, these new technologies always come with a myriad of challenges; from infrastructure decentralization to cyber security.

We’re driven to create innovation strategies and corporate ventures that thrive in this new context and build a sustainable energy system for tomorrow.


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Client challenges

How can we leverage our data to set up new services?


How can we develop a p2p car-sharing service for a global car rental agency to meet changing consumer needs?

How can we a develop an additional revenue stream for car dealers?


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