Injecting growth knowledge into your team

The growth marketing field can be a challenging field when you first enter it. There is so much that you can do and experiment with, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our Product Owner Growth, or Head of Growth, can work with your team to create and execute your Growth Roadmap. Every quarter we set goals together, OKR’s, allowing the Head of Growth to help you achieve those goals while injecting growth knowledge into your team.  In the end, your proven successful marketing and sales efforts should be automated to create the most efficient acquisition funnel possible.

What you will get

  • Clear and measurable quarterly goals through OKR method
  • In-house coordination of bi-weekly growth sprints to accelerate your customer acquisition
  • Proven Growth Roadmap and execution to efficiently scale your marketing efforts

“Aimforthemoon provided us with a great growth basis to create our predictable sales funnel for EV Ready. Their set-up was simple and effective, allowing us to build upon their work on our own.
Stef Pierik, General Manager EV Ready. ”

What is your growth challenge?  

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