This is your marketingteam-on-demand

Consisting of 7 different marketing roles working together to create the perfect sprint with results.

One of the hardest things in marketing is the overwhelming number of specialisms and tools in the field. When you are a corporate start-up, scale-up or venture, you might not know what your growth path is yet. What type of marketing and sales approach will work best for your target audience. Or even if you are currently targeting the right audience to begin with. To find this out, you need experimentation, done by different experts in the field. Since you probably don’t have the budget to hire 7 people all at once and you probably also won’t be able to find a marketer that can do it all at a specialist level, it sometimes feels like you are stuck.

“Aimforthemoon is creating the acceleration engine we need to become a successful scale-up in our field. We are very happy with their expertise and hands-on mentality.”

This is where the Aimforthemoon DreamTeam comes in

The DreamTeam consists of an experienced Head of Growth, Growth Hacker, Paid Media Specialist, UX/Visual Designer, Digital Content Strategist, Data Analyst and Marketing Automation Specialist. 

They work in agile sprints of 2 weeks, where we can get the right experts in to do the work when needed. Some sprints you might need some extra work to create content, others might be heavier on the analytics or targeting side. Together with the founders or management of the venture, we prioritize the work based on the results we desire. And we will get the job done, whether it’s in-house on fixed days on dayparts or remotely. Once the sprints are clear, we can simply get to work.

What you will get

  • On-demand growth team with 7 different specialisms (and counting!)
  • Head of Growth to lead the team and manage the OKR’s 
  • The right tooling set-up for your phase, that will be manageable for the coming years
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