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Unlock Your Organization’s Potential, Drive Innovation 

Transform your organization with future-proof business models that solve problems differently and create a positive impact.

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Ignite Innovation Excellence

Innovation, a complex and challenging endeavor, is at the forefront of your responsibilities as a Chief Innovation Officer or someone driving innovation within your organization. The questions that often arise—what approach or framework to adopt, what talent and skills are required, and how to find the time to innovate effectively—can be overwhelming.

At Aimforthemoon, we understand these concerns and are here to be your trusted guide on this transformative journey. Our mission is to unleash the full innovative potential of your organization, providing strategic and hands-on solutions that pave the way for successful projects.

Specializing in helping organizations discover and develop new business models, products, and services, we recognize the paramount importance of staying relevant in today’s rapidly changing world. We know that maintaining a competitive edge requires continuous innovation and adaptation.

With our expertise and experience, we offer comprehensive guidance, support, and resources to empower your organization to make informed decisions, foster the right skills and talent, and optimize your time for effective innovation. Our strategic solutions are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you navigate the complexities of innovation with confidence.

Here’s what we can do, so we can help you with…

Creative Problem Solving

Unleash your organization’s creativity to find innovative solutions. Our team will guide you in implementing creative approaches, driving meaningful change.

Future-proof Business Models

Explore models that keep your organization ahead. We help identify trends, design adaptable models for long-term sustainability.

Structured & Proven Framework

Follow our clear and proven framework to develop impactful products and services and get innovation done right.

Innovation: Imagine the future and fill in the gaps.

Brian Halligan

Let us help you in 30 minutes

We’ve already mentioned our commitment to offer you guidance, and now we want to prove it. That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to pick our brains for a 30-minute session.

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We’re ready and excited to take on the challenge with you, so let’s start exploring together!

Here’s What Others Say

“The first 12 months of the project were a big learning experience. At times I felt very uncomfortable. The whole way of working is very different from what I was used to. Since you don’t know where you’re going yet, and you don’t know what will work yet, you need to take risks in order to potentially strike gold.”

Rutger BoschCo-founder Revolt

“Our team has been highly enthusiastic about adopting and applying what we have learned through our partnership with Aimforthemoon and we expect this to deliver new benefits across the organization, and most importantly for our customers.”

Marcel VonderVP Product Management

Frequently asked questions

How do you explore markets to create concepts for future customers?

This is our starting point for potential new products or services. We focus on scanning for real customer problems and thinking of potential solutions to solve those problems.  We follow a proven, structured approach where all decision are based on data, to propose new concepts for future customers.


  • Kick off: Determining scope, rhythm and success.
  • Team onboarding: Focus on the conditions for a successful team
  • Trend scan: understand the market and trends impacting the concepts
  • Customer Development: Learn what customers are looking for
  • Concept Development: Clear  concept ready to be tested
  • Concept vision, Strategy and roadmap: The stepping stones for concept testing
  • First experiments 
  • Bi-weekly stakeholder updates

How do you test business models to de-risk investments?

Our test phase is all about learning fast from customer behavior to validate if a new product or service concept is something customers really want. We validate 3 main areas:

  • Desirability: Do customers want this? Is the market big enough? Does the growth engine work?
  • Feasibility: Can we bring the concept to life?
  • Viability: Can we make a profit?



  • An overview of all the to-be-tested assumptions concerning the concept
  • Test reports for all experiments
  • A bi-weekly summary with all (in)validated assumptions and decisions  
  • Stakeholder meetings in case of a change of course (pivot)
  • First concept branding and landing page
  • Business Case en Pitch for a follow-up investment

How do you get new products & services to market?

Getting a new product and service to market with the ambition to scale it in the future starts with building a good first version and planning the strategy roadmap.

In the build phase, we build the first version of the business. Apart from building, we keep experimenting to optimize the concept and growth engine. 


  • The first version of the business
  • Team development: A well-functioning team with the right expertise and additional capabilities. 
  • Market development: Clear positioning, including brand strategy and design
  • Growth strategy: A well-formulated growth strategy, including a roadmap for the first year to drive success.

How do you decide on the targets, tools, and campaigns to scale a business?

In the growth phase, we enable the team to grow towards a profitable, fast-growing scale-up with impact.

If a team is not good at scaling the start-up, everything before this phase was nothing more than a costly hobby. 


  • Growth Assessment: to determine where the team stands and what they need
  • Growth Dashboard: overview to monitor the progress on the OKRs.
  • Clear process and rhythm: focus and discipline set you free!
  • Mentoring: from seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Execution: we realize growth by recruiting the right people and experts.

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