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Entrepreneurial Community

Sharing experiences & expertise

Join our community of corporate innovators and entrepreneurs. From junior to board level. All accelerating innovation within large organizations.

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We launch & grow new business.

We work with large organizations on finding the customer problems worth solving and ideating potential solutions.

We design & run experiments to test the riskiest assumptions on which new business models are built.

Unlocking entrepreneurship within your organization is the key to future success. And we believe you have what it takes, and we are here to help you leave your mark.

Make it happen together.

Over the years, we have grown a diverse network of strategists, innovators, venture builders, creators, experts, and corporate heroes.

Regardless of your innovation challenges, you will always find the best team of pioneers with the right skills and mindsets within our community.

500+ experienced entrepreneurs

1200+ empowered innovators

50+ moonshot stories full of insights

Innovation project opportunities

Meet us at our community events.


Masters of Innovation: Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot Studio, Aimforthemoon Thursday, November 23rd 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm CEST “A safe space…

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Aimforthemoon Moonshot Studio Wednesdays, Every 4 weeks, from 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM We're constantly…

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