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Innovation Management

Leave your mark on the future of the company

Do you want to challenge the way your company innovates? Hire us to assess the current situation, spot opportunities, and embed improvements to de-risk innovation.

Funnel Assessment

Unlock innovation potential within your organization.

We see that large organizations have everything they need to take advantage of the opportunities brought on by changes in society and emerging technologies.

And yet, many fail to do so. Some have many ideas but are not sure where to start. While others, start promising projects only to shut them down due to lack of instant benefits.

Unlocking entrepreneurship within your organization is the key to future success. And we believe you have what it takes, and we are here to help you leave your mark.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Strategy, blueprints, and programs to accelerate innovation

Align on

We facilitate board & c-level workshops to set an ambitious goal and agree on how we plan to reach it. In our words, we set a ‘Moonshot’.

More on Strategy

Embed a framework

We align stakeholders around the governance, processes & tooling that best fit your organization to reach your innovation targets.

More on Blueprints

Build up capability

We design and run innovation programs to train teams & champions so they successfully increase the success rate of new product launches.

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Is your organization innovation ready?

We’ve gathered many insights over the years on the ingredients needed to increase the success rate of innovation within large organizations.

We like to assess how a company innovates before starting any project. We took some of the main questions and turned them into a light innovation assessment.

Want to get an idea of where you stand on innovation?

Innovation Strategy

Is the company aligned on the innovation focus & priorities?

Innovation Culture

What are the skills & mindset of people within your teams?

Portfolio Governance

How are decisions made on innovation portfolio projects?

Tooling & Coaching

How do you support teams through the innovation stages?



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Frequently asked questions

How do we clarify your Innovation Strategy?

We interview key stakeholders in the company to see the alignment on the innovation focus & priorities. Then use the interview insights as input for a leadership innovation vision alignment workshop.

Deliverable: Innovation Strategy.

  1. Situation | Discuss what is going on in the market;
  2. Urgency | Define the dangers of standing still;
  3. Direction | Formulate the company ambition;
  4. Priorities | Agree on the innovation focus area(s).

What do you capture within an innovation blueprint?

We take the innovation strategy, interview key stakeholders, and analyze some of the ongoing innovation projects as input for an innovation blueprint design workshop.


  1. Assessment | Stakeholder interviews on current approach;
  2. Blueprint | Concept of the future way of innovating;
  3. Roadmap | Mid-term goal & the high-level milestones;
  4. Proposal | The role Aim can play throughout the roadmap.

How do you build up the innovation capability?

We first design tailor-made programs that focus on developing the innovation skills you want to prioritize. And then, we coordinate programs and coach teams on getting projects through the innovation stages.

Deliverable: personalized support for innovation teams.

  1. Tooling | Digital templates and content to work efficiently;
  2. Coaching | Sessions to guide teams through the stages;
  3. Evaluation | Scorecard to track the success confidence level.

Ready to transform the way you innovate?

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