“How can we work with our customers to embrace change and solve business challenges through innovation?”

For businesses big and small, “change is the only constant factor in life.” If the events of the past years have taught us anything, it is that we must learn to accept change and learn to embrace it.

FMO, the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank, asked us to work with them on supporting banks in launching new products & services that empower entrepreneurs within emerging countries.

New Services

  • Innovation Learning & Development Program

Awards & Mentions

  • Innovation accelerator launch
  • Projects in 3 countries, across 3 continents

Project Outcome


It’s a program designed to coach innovation teams within banks in emerging countries, a 3-step approach to navigate risks in innovation so they can produce quick results that either increase the confidence around an idea or find insights to spot failures early on.

Innovation Program

We taught teams how to navigate through the Explore, Scan, Build, and Test phases of innovation. And supported them in identifying problems worth solving for their customers, ideating a solution to the problems, and testing the riskiest assumption of their business models.

“I believe the knowledge & skills our team received will be fully utilised to develop our product strategy, customer experience processes and future growth.”

Ilia ReviaCEO, Crystal

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