The Rainforest Alliance aims to help farmers transform to have a net positive impact on the environment.

How it all started.

Worldwide, the agricultural sector is one of the largest contributors to climate change, land clearance, and soil degradation. This, combined with farming’s poor reputation, has made pursuing a career in agriculture less popular among youth in Kenya. It is concerning since the country’s economy still relies on farming. With this in mind, the Rainforest Alliance started a new innovation project: Future Farmers.

At the heart of Future Farmers lies a simple yet powerful concept: to make more sustainable farming financially attractive to the generations of the future, with emphasis on making it appealing to women. We provided end-to-end support to young Kenyan farmers, focussing on upcoming domestic markets. It’s where farming meets innovation, proving that agriculture can be cool, profitable, and planet-friendly!

Our Aimforthemoon team joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance to validate this new impactful model, starting with defining the Moonshot.

New Service

Empowering Kenyan youth with regenerative farming training, market access, and business support

Key Results

  • 20+ experiment ran
  • 1 demo farm established
  • 5 pilot farmers signed

The Moonshot

The Rainforest Alliance aims to help farmers transform to have a net positive impact on the environment.

Our Approach

Start small to achieve big. The small demo farm in Kenya serves as the ground for (crop) experimentation and growth. In collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance team in Kenya, we conducted over 20 experiments to test the business model, refining our approach based on local practices. 

We believe in our approach and it’s all about getting things right step by step. We tested business model assumptions, set up farming training programs, conducted market research, supported demo farm operations, established partnerships, and set up efficient same-day delivery logistics for crops. This way, we keep learning and getting better, making sure we’re always moving forward and making things better for everyone involved!

Project Outcome

Program In A Nutshell

Future Farmers is an innovative project designed to empower young Kenyan farmers with the necessary knowledge and tools for more sustainable and profitable farming. Through hands-on training in regenerative agriculture, access to markets, funding, and ongoing business support, the program seeks to revolutionize farming to be an attractive career choice for the youth. 

The Outcome

About 100 young Kenyans expressed interest in the program, with 50% being female. We have trained 12 farmers and 5 pilot farmers have been successfully onboarded to the program.

For the Rainforest Alliance, this initiative has opened up an exploration of new strategies. The model aimed not only to promote innovative and sustainable farming practices but also to demonstrate whether this could be financially attractive to young farmers. The outcome has provided key valuable insights for the future strategy towards regenerative agriculture. 

The way the team immediately thinks along, proposes improvements and delivers! They added so much speed and energy! They are an amazing extension to any team, pushing it forward and bringing in a ton of experience and talent.

Martine ReimerinkInnovation Lead, Rainforest Alliance

Transition & Impact

Future Farmers promotes regenerative farming, which for example combats soil degradation, water shortages, and reduces pesticide & energy usage.

Future Farmers is changing the perception of agriculture in Kenya, reducing societal stigmas and allowing young Kenyans to earn a sustainable income.

Leading Crop Success

Among the six new crops tested on the demo farm, black soldier flies are showing the most promise. Each of the five pioneering farmers has started to cultivate black soldier flies on their own land. The black soldier flies are the most regenerative, contributing to natural soil enhancement and reducing expenses related to animal feed.

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