“How can we facilitate having an electric fleet without any compromises?”

PON, an international mobility leader in The Netherlands, knew that innovation was the path forward to stay relevant in the industry. One of the focus areas was the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, an essential component of the electrification of the transport grid and a viable option for future growth.

However, PON felt they could use an external partner to travel the innovation process and succeed. They asked us to work with the team on going from idea scanning to ideating solutions and, ultimately, to a revenue-generating business model.

New Product

Electric Charging Station with Digital Ads Display

Key Results

  • New venture launched

Project Outcome


Revolt offers an all-in-one charging solution to accelerate the transition toward electric mobility. It’s a monthly subscription fee for electric charging stations with large digital screens which display paid advertisements so they can offer lower cost-per-month subscriptions to their customers.

New Business Model

We started with 46 interviews in 7 weeks to find the greatest customer pains. Within 9 months, we knew we were onto something when big market players wanted to talk to us! We had 7 charging stations, while others had 8.000. The fact that they were worried added proof to the potential of our value proposition.”

“Many times, I told Rutger to ‘trust the Aim process’, which he did. I’ve seen him grow tremendously. And now, he has the tools and mindset of an entrepreneur.”

Jeroen van de VenCo-Founder Revolt

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