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The most straightforward management methodologies

As Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) go mainstream and large organizations start adopting the methodology, the question is no longer “What are OKRs?”. Today the question is “How do we adopt OKRs?”

Objectives & Key Results is one of the most straightforward management methodologies. In a way, it is this simplicity that made them so popular and widespread. The simplicity of OKRs comes from the fact that there are only a few rules that define the methodology: we set qualitative objectives, which describe our intent and aspiration. For each objective, we define three to five quantitative key results, which we use to measure success. That about sums it up.

So what’s so hard about OKRs?

The first and foremost challenge is to change focus from output to outcome. It’s no longer about completing tasks, but achieving results. 

Secondly, it is a process change. With appropriate planning, including processes, tools, and training, the reaction from your employees will be positive and willing.

Finally, the relative simplicity of OKRs leaves much to interpretation. It’s important to find and create your own freedom to mould this process to make it your own.

Every organization that adopts OKRs faces these challenges, and at scale they become much harder to realise. 

That is why at Aimforthemoon, we want to help you integrate the OKR methodology as soon as possible, at an early stage in your corporate start-up or venture.

What you will get

  • OKRs Playbook to make the OKR process your own
  • OKRs workshop for leadership or the entire company to get everyone aligned and onboard for the first quarter
  • On-the-job coaching in setting up the regular OKR company cadence to integrate it seamlessly into your company

We took part in an OKR pilot by Aimforthemoon and it immediately provided us with clear goals and alignment. We should have done this much sooner.