“How do we spin-out from a large organisation and become a smart infrastructure leader?”

Branding first or branding last, that is the question. When launching a new service in an upcoming market, it’s best to start with the brand. Be on point. And make sure you practise what you preach and decide how best to position your brand.

Hita decided to offer consultancy services around public heat infrastructure networks. They asked us to work with them on creating a new brand from scratch that helps position them in the market.

New Service

Public Heat Infrastructure Consulting

Key Results

  • 1 brand

Project Outcome

Spin-Out Venture

Hita came to us as 3 enthusiastic entrepreneurs who know everything about public heat networks. They had a company name (Hita: Icelandic for Heat) and ideas on the brand look & feel, logo & colours.

Brand Framework

We worked with the founders to create a brand framework and launch a new website with minimal effort and maximum output. It’s a key milestone that will serve as the foundation for the founders to build the company and get their service to market.

“Our mission? We are going to connect 1 million households to a heating network in 10 years.”

MighaelCo-Founder, Hita

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