“What could be a digital proposition in a market where we have to seek alternatives for our substrate business?”

Klasmann-Deilmann (KD) is a business group in the international substrate industry, active on every continent. They believe that digitalization and data-driven cultivation control is increasingly important.

KD asked Aimforthemoon to coach the team from 2018 to 2020 through the innovation steps to develop a new digital revenue model for its services, so they could better help farmers and growers.

New Product

Log & Solve: a crop information system.

Key Results

  • New product launch
  • First 130 first farmers in Benelux
  • International roll-out in progress.

Project Outcome

It’s a digital platform for growers and farmers to record farming data in one central place and monitor the produce. Farmers and growers have better oversight over their crops and can increase production efficiency.


It gives farmers the data they need to improve how they manage their crops. It orders and combines all the crop information to automatically evaluate & graphically display it. It’s perfect to spot and prevent undesired developments in crops.

“It’s amazing how easily we can collect a lot of data in and view it in a clear dashboard.”

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