“Would a successful customer-driven supermarket concept work within the Dutch market?”

In 2019, VkusVILL wanted to explore the possibility of expanding into the Western European market. The question was whether their supermarket-chain concept with over 1,300 locations in Russia would fit the consumer behaviour in Europe.

VkusVILL asked us to work with them on doing the groundwork to explore and test their supermarket concept within The Netherlands.

New Service

Customer Driven Supermarket 

Key Results

  • Launched first store in three months.

Project Outcome

Supermarket Concept

VkusVILL’s concept revolves around small stores with a limited, local selection of products. The customer is central to deciding what products appear in the shop. They use an app to give product reviews, and any product with less than a 4-star average gets removed from the selection.

0-1 Business Innovation

We formed a local Dutch team and designed several experiments to test whether VkusVILL’s supermarket concept would meet the demands of the urban Dutch consumer.


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