“How do we equip talented designers dedicated to creating social impact with the tools to bring their ideas to life?”

We face complex societal issues which can’t fix with a single solution. For example, nearly 25% of children in the Netherlands start school with a literacy gap that gradually evolves into other inclusivity issues like social vulnerability or poverty.

HEMA Foundation asked us to work with them to design a new approach to address complex social challenges, like low levels of literacy within the youth, through social innovation, creative design, and collaboration projects.

New Service

Social Design Accelerator

Key Results

  • 24 social designers empowered with lifelong skills
  • 7 diverse, low literacy concepts found partnerships
  • 1 concept subsidised by the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport

Project Outcome

Hema Foundation

We managed to activate a core group of experts (Municipality of Rotterdam, The Dutch Library (OBA), Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), Radboud University) to get heavily involved in sharing knowledge and supporting social initiatives forward.

Social Design Accelerator

A training program for young, up-and-coming designers to become entrepreneurial social designers, so they can go on and be a positive impact in society.

“Aimforthemoon has been an enormously important partner during the HEMA Foundation accelerator.”

Marloes BloemertManager of HEMA Foundation

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