Corporate Innovation

Leave your mark on the future of the company

Are you looking to get challenged on the way your company innovates? Hire us to assess the current governance, process, and tools and transform the way you innovate.

Never a safe bet, always a safe place.

We see that large organizations have everything they need to take advantage of the opportunities brought on by changes in society and emerging technologies.

And yet, many fail to do so. Some have plenty of ideas but don’t know where to start. While others, start promising projects only to shut them down due to the lack of immediate benefits.

Unlocking entrepreneurship within your organization is the key to future success. And we believe you have what it takes, and we are here to help you leave your mark.

Our Approach

Set a direction

We facilitate board & c-level workshops to set an ambitious goal and agree on how we plan to reach it. In our words, we set a ‘Moonshot’.

More on strategy

Embed a framework

We align key stakeholders around how to setup the governance, processes & tooling needed that best fit your organization to reach your innovation targets.

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Build up capability

We step in to develop the skills & mindset of innovation teams & champions to increase the number of successful product launches.

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Innovation Assessment

Over the years we have grown a diverse network of 500+ strategists, innovators, venture builders, creators, experts and corporate heroes.

Regardless of scope, with our community team we always find the best team of pioneers with the needed skills and mindset for your innovation challenge.

Check your innovation readiness

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Process & Tooling
  • Culture

Is your organization innovation ready?

Take our innovation assessment to get an idea of where you stand?


Frequently Asked Questions

Could we apply a M&A strategy to work together with emerging start-ups?

Buying seriously expensive companies may not always be the best idea. This rings especially true when considering that the vast majority of mergers and acquisitions struggle to integrate into the larger company. Forced to deal with added bureaucracy, culture shock, and system changes, the acquirees’ employees can begin to find themself in a foreign environment. On top of people challenges, integrations can fail due to a host of many other challenges — from inaccurate information to a leadership vacuum. In fact, the amount of M&As that fail could be nearly as high as failed innovation projects, sitting somewhere between 70% and 90%. Examples of failed mergers and acquisitions Google & Motorola and Nokia & Microsoft or Amazon & Wholefoods.


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