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When your venture enters the growth phase, your marketing efforts will need to grow at a rapid pace. One single person can create a spark, but a group of talented growth marketeers, content creators, designers, data-analysts and product owners can light the fire to kickstart your customer acquisition. In this early stage, your marketing team needs to stay flexible. Every sprint is different, and requires different skill sets to get the job done.

Together we create

Hands-on every step of the way

At Aimforthemoon we make sure that the right people are available, every single sprint, to ensure that your venture can focus on the jobs that need to be done. 


The right tools in place

We use the right marketing tools for the phase you are in. No death-by-tooling here, but simply the best set-up to get the fastest results.

Together is key

Working with Aim is just that – working with Aim. We work together with venture leads, founders and marketing managers to have clear focus on objectives and key results.

Our Services

The next growth step for corporate startups,
scale-ups and corporate ventures

Growth Consultancy
Our Product Owner Growth, or Head of Growth, can work with your team to create and execute your Growth Roadmap and build your scalable customer acquisition funnel.

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Growth DreamTeam
Your very own marketingteam-on-demand, consisting of 7 different marketing roles working together to create the perfect sprint with results.

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Start using OKR’s
Find your company focus and rhythm by using the Objectives and Key Results framework. Enable everyone to achieve the goals you aim for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ. You can always contact us here. We will answer you shortly.

How can I grow my company in the most efficient way?

At Aimforthemoon we strongly believe in iterating the development of your company. According to Startup Genome, 70% of start-ups scale too quickly. They hire staff too quickly, offering generous compensations before stable revenues are established. They focus on growing the wrong segment, which provides no real profitability to their firm, or they pursue growth efforts without truly understanding the market and thus growing their marketing spend without establishing objective metrics of success first. When you work with Aimforthemoon, we establish the baselines and metrics to grow the most important parts of your company first.

How can we speed up the process of growth?

Growth is not a strategy, it’s a phase. When you’re ramping up for the first time, growth is actually a balancing act between growth of your customer base and efficient delivery of those customers. You can speed up the process of growth by identifying what customer segment you should be growing. It should be specifically thát segment that adds value to your company as it grows. Growth hacking at Aimforthemoon specializes in this balancing act between commercial growth and delivery efficiency by identifying the business model that is set up for scalability.

How do I know it’s wise to grow or scale my business?

Scale is not growth. It is also not doing something at a larger scale. It’s not about size. Scale means that you are able to efficiently make money. How do you do that? You’re able to lower the Cost to Serve and maximize the gross margin of one customer; this is called unit economics. So not only do you need to find your customer in the most efficient way possible, you also need to find ways to optimize the space between you and the market. This is your cumulative competitive advantage that is worth investing in. At Aimforthemoon we have the models in place to quickly assess whether you have the right elements in place to achieve scale.

What is the difference between the 0-1 (zero-to-one) phase and the grow- and- scale phase?

The 0-1 phase is all about effectiveness and risk reduction. You scan, test and build what you’ve proven to be a solution for the problem your customer has. The grow & scale phase is about efficiency.  We treat Marketing & Sales as a process that needs to be made more efficient every single day. We use OKR periods to create a company cadence and we manage progress in 6 sprints of 2 weeks per period. We define clear goals to iterate towards a predictable sales engine and operating model that is worth investing in.

What type of marketeer do I need in the growth phase of our company?

The 5-legged sheep, as they would call it in Dutch. Also known as the Growth Hacker. But beware, hiring one single person to add to your team will result in a high-level marketing or operational approach. So you need a group of specialists that will have your back, and will do the work when you need them to, without being part of your payroll. If they create your set-up and help you find your predictable growth engine, you will then be able to hire exactly the right person you need to manage that specific engine going forward. If you use external help, you can make use of a multidisciplinary team of specialists that will allow you to experiment on many different areas of sales marketing and customer excellence.


What is your growth challenge?

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